Text to Speech Converter online tool

“Text to Speech Converter”

The internet is one of the fastest growing sectors for promoting or building any kind of business and as per our latest trend people prefer podcast or video for developing their business. Somehow they get a chance to record their ads/videos on their own voice or sometimes they hire a voice-over expert. If we talk about the expenses then you are the better one judge it.

It’s OK for a single time, but what to do when your whole business depends on podcasting, video making or somewhat related to this. Yes! You might have already used some other text to speech generator tools, which converts the voices robotically but it’s not a complete solution. People want to hear the voices which work on behavior, mood & the situation.

Speechelo is a complete AI based text to speech generator, works on more than 23 different languages. It possess a strong tendency to work on different voices as per the human behavior.

A Complete 100% Human-Sounding VoiceOver Text to Speech Converter

Text to Speech Converter is an AI based application which possesses a tremendous features including:

(1) Converts any Text into Speech
(2) More than 30 Human Voices 
(3) Equipped with Males, Females, Children voices
(4) Read Text in 3 behavioral ways – Serious, Joyful & Normal
(5) Works more than 23 different languages
(6) Compatible with all video editing softwares




text to speech converter online tool first step

Just paste or write your text you want to be convert into speechelo online text editor. Its A.I. engine will check all your text and will add all the punctuation marks needed to make the speech sound natural.



Choose a language and a VOICE
text to speech converter online tool second step

Speechelo offers more 30 voices to choose from. You can preview each voice to hear and find the one that best fits to your needs. Can also use breathing sounds, longer pauses and even choose the mood on the speech.



Within 10 seconds a voiceover will be generated. You can play it directly in Speechelo re-generate it as per your need. Later on you can download it and use it as per the demand of your project.


  • US English: Billy(Male)
  • US English: Rosie(Female)
  • US English: Owen – Kid(Male)
  • US English: Henry(Male)
  • British English: Beatrix(Female)
  • British English: Arthur(Male)
  • Australian English: Allison
  • Indian English: Mirai(Female)
  • Spanish: Priscilla(Female)
  • Spanish Albano(Male)
  • Spanish Mexican: Lalita(Female)
  • Spanish Mexican: Leticia
  • Spanish US: Fiore(Female)
  • Spanish: Olimpia(Female)
  • Spanish: Fiore(Female)
  • French: Thiery(Male)
  • French: Magalie(Female)
  • Finnish: Lotta(Female)
  • Portuguese: Júlia(Female)
  • Portuguese: Catarina(Female)
  • Portuguese Brazil Leila(Female)
  • Portuguese Brazil: Rafinha
  • German: Anke(Female)
  • German: Lina(Female)
  • German: Martin(Male)
  • Italian: Roberto(Male)
  • Italian: Delinda(Female)
  • Italian: Valentina(Female)
  • Greek: Georgios (Male)
  • Hebrew: Omar(Male)
  • Hindi: Viti(Female)
  • Tamil: Gurnam(Male)
  • Telugu: Laban(Male)
  • Thani: Chinda(Female)
  • Indonesian: Arief(Male)
  • Hungarian: Lajos (Male)
  • Japanese: Takewaki(Female)
  • Korean: Yebin(Female)
  • Norwegian: Erle(Female)
  • Norwegian: Nora(Female)
  • Malaysia: Soleh(Male)
  • Polish: Marzena(Female)
  • Polish: Zuzanna(Female)
  • Romanian: Dana(Female)
  • Arabic: Mirah(Female)
  • Saudi Arabia: Ayasha (Female)
  • Mandarin: Genji(Female)
  • Turkish: Miray(Female)
  • Turkish: Hande(Female)
  • Russian: Pimen(Male)
  • Russian: Svetlana(Female)
  • Slovak: Peter(Male)
  • Slovenia: Vincenc(Male)
  • Icelandic: Esjar(Male)
  • Danish: Simonsen(Male)
  • Swedish: Rakel(Female)
  • Dutch: Carola(Female)
  • Bulgarian: Grozdan(Male)
  • Cantonese: Xinyou (Female)
  • Mandarin: WangJing (Female)
  • Taiwanese: Tíngtíng(Female)
  • Vietnamese: Thong(Male)
  • Croatian: Marko(Male)
  • Czech: Jan(Male)
  • Danish: Norma(Female)