Email Marketing Service Comparison [2022 Updated]

Email Marketing Service Comparison
For any business, choosing the right marketing strategy is a mandatory decision. It allows businesses to grow consistently and steadily. Digital based marketing provides countless benefits. It helps to engage with a targeted audience, improves the sales, builds reputation & relationships between business & customer and so on.

There are different types of marketing strategies to choose from, some of them are highly beneficial from another one. We can’t deny the best piece of marketing service, i.e. Email Marketing. It is getting a huge response from the advertisers for getting huge sales and leads for their business.

Before entering into the topic – Email Marketing Service Comparison, let’s get some familiarity with Email Marketing.

What is Email Marketing

As the name suggests, it’s a kind of marketing that utilizes the concept of SMTP, popularly known as electronic mail or e-mail. Internet users across the world individually identified by their unique characteristics and that characteristic is defined by their particular IP address or MAC address, but the interesting fact to note here is that the particular IP address or MAC address only helps to find the user’s device, not the user.

If any user willing to perform any actions, including access some service, download certain applications, then he or she must has to pass certain credentials and these credentials are always either a mobile number or an email id.

Why should we give Importance to Emails?

Till today there are more than 5 billion email accounts and out of which approx. 80% are email accounts are active. These email accounts are used in different applications or devices to identify the users.

The best example is our smartphone where email is mandatory to boot up the devices powered by Google’s Services. In a single thought, Emails are the foundation of Internet & Technology.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Improved ROI

For any business Return of Investment is the first priority. From many research it has been estimated that using the right approach of Email marketing provides a huge ROI to Businesses.

Targeted Audience Approach

Email marketing helps businesses to reach out with the exact customer or a specific market that can utilize their services.

Confidential Technique

Email marketing is a private conversational approach between a  business and customer. It always gives a privacy to the users to contact with the receiver. 

Why to choose an Email Marketing Service?

Now that you have understood about the importance of Emails and its impact on businesses. Let’s explore – Why Email Marketing services are the best ways to choose for boosting any business.

Appropriate Interface:

These email marketing services provide a suitable interface to the users as per their mood and behavior. Some emails are too short to reach just the audience without any design or basic requirements, but some of them focus on using certain designs to provide engaging content to the users.

Easy-to Use:

It’s better to use a basic method for email sharing if you have few contacts, but it gets really tough when you have to reach thousands of customers in a single day. Here email marketing services help you to reach unlimited number of users with complete automation and hence it simplifies the complete process with best ROI.


Engagement plays the most important role for better sales and connections that requires an engaging content. Here, email marketing service proves to be effective to a great extent, which provides you the inclusion of attractive content to engage the people.

Personalized Approach:

An email marketing service performs the market segmentation and points to the service provider based on the correct segment. It is capable of separating the contacts that a sender want into different segments and using this way he or she can send personalized emails in bulk.

Let's Begin

Email Marketing Service Comparison

We will perform the comparison ONE BY ONE

Aweber is one of the oldest and highly used email marketing service providers. With its best features it can be easily integrate with many other platforms including Facebook , WordPress, Joomla and other no code tools.

Features of AWeber

Features Of AWeber that you must know about:

Affordable – Since it aims to provide benefits to both small and medium sized businesses, it is completely affordable.

Multiple ways of Support – AWeber has a great support team including  live chat, phone, & email support for businesses.

Dedicated User Base – It has a truly extensive user base that is always willing to help if required.

Cheap Service Provider -AWeber gives a totally free stage to up to 500 endorsers, that can be moved up to a top notch arrangement what begins from $19 every month. This can be significantly diminished assuming you pick a quarterly or yearly arrangement.

Broad Tutorials – AWeber has a major library of tutorial & how-to platforms, basically making it extremely simple to utilize the platform, in any event, for starters.

Gain More in Seminars – It hosts live online classes on regular intervals to give an intuitive lectures where organizations can dive more deeply into the universe of Email Marketing.

AWebers Free Trial is Here>>>

Groove Funnel is The World’s Fastest Growing CRM and Marketing Automation Platform which assist clients with increase sales, collect leads, engage visitors and more. It works like a mechanized tool that saves time and money with ready-to-implement solutions & develops business quicker.

Features of Groovefunnel

Features Of Groovefunnel that you must know about:

Affordable Cost – Most of its features are Free to use and if any user willing to use its premium service then it is completely affordable.

Help Desk – It has a strong Help Desk Support including Live chat, call and email support.

Easy to use Templates – Groovefunnel has a stunning collection of email templates which grasp the attention of audience for good conversions and sales.

Bulk Email Service – It provides a facility to send emails upto 5000 in a month for FREE. To extend the bulk mail(upto 100,000 contacts) number you need to buy premium service.

Detailed Tutorials – Groovefunnel has a great collection of video tutorials which make users to understand the utilization of tool from scratch.

Additional Features in a Single Platform for Free – Website Builder, Funnel Builder, Blog Platform, E-commerce, Shopping Cart, Membership CMS, Webinar Software, Live Streaming etc.

Groovefunnel Free Trial is Here>>>

GetResponse is an amazing and most entertaining email marketing service among the list. It is straightforward & easy-to-use platform and provides stunning facilities for businesses. If you are looking for the cheapest email marketing service platform, it could be one.

Features of GetResponse

Features Of GetResponse that you must know about:

Easy-to-use Drag & Drop Builder – 
It has an awesome easy-to-use drag-drop builder that help users to create campaigns as per their need.

Eye-catchy Forms & Landing pages
Eye-catchy Forms & Landing pages The tool has a good collection of templates/forms/landing pages that can be utilized to reach out to an audience in a single click. A user can also create his or her design as per their requirement.

A/B Testing
GetResponse helps to increase user base through A/B testing, that makes users to track the best performing campaigns and its tracking.

High end Integration with Third-Party Tools
It possesses a high end integration feature to connect with third-party marketing tools includes SalesForce, Google Docs, OptinMonster, ZenDesks and so on.

24×7 Customer Support
GetResponse provides 24×7 customer support through various platforms via phone, live chat & email.

GetResponse has a Free Trial Feature for 30 Days that can assist any business to set its service easily. The pricing begins at about $15 per month & increments number of features.

GetResponse Free Trial is Here>>>

ConvertKit is an outstanding Email Marketing Service platform, which aimed to provide an excellent facilities to Bloggers, Creators & Authors to make content for audience. The main reason why we include ConvertKit in Email Marketing Service Comparison list because of its ability to target the exact audience with improved call-to-action service.

Features of ConvertKit

Features Of ConvertKit that you must know about:

Unique for Content Creators
ConvertKit provides stunning features that motivates the content creators to present their content in a detailed fashion.

High-end Conversion & ROI Feature
Through the best utilization of detailed & targeted Email Marketing it helps effectively increase conversion & Rate of Investment.

Help Desk & Learning Stuffs
ConvertKit offers a responsive email based support & has a great collection of learning materials to uplift the knowledge & skills.

Refund Policy
It Has a 30-day refund policy where customers can get a complete refund without any further query.

ConvertKit provides 14-day free trial & if when you find it useful then you can start it with its basic plan, starting from $29/month.

ConvertKit Free Trial is Here>>>