14+ Zapier Competitors that automate the workflow in 2022 updated

Automation has developed over the past few years, and most top-notch organizations are powerfully utilizing the contemporary tools and their features. It’s fair enough—why perform manual operations like filling out spreadsheets, sending follow-up emails, data entry operations, etc. when you can automate time-consuming tasks using high-quality tools?

Utilizing technology to automate processes allows businesses to increase productivity by removing the need for skilled manpower to perform repetitive operations, freeing them up to concentrate on more important responsibilities.

Of course, these tools are truly outstanding, but selecting the exact automation platform may be a challenging task. Zapier was one of the earliest and most well-known integration platforms, but as the need for integration and automation has increased, many other alternatives to Zapier are available.

We’ll look at several Zapier competitors in this article, so you can decide which is the best fit for your company.

What is Zapier

Zapier is an integration software or platform that permits users to connect their applications with other applications without performing any coding operations. In order to effortlessly move data across applications, Zapier communicates with APIs. This automates a large variety of business operations, like integrating with CRM tools, sending emails, and entering data into spreadsheets.

“Zap” is a term used while connecting applications that automate the process. In every process, a Zap is required that you want to automate. Although this term may be different in other platforms, but performs the same logic while integrating.

It is not only a single tool or platform that performs automation operations; there are various other competitors of zapier. Because of its expensiveness, most users look for the best alternative to Zapier. Let’s have a look for the best competitors of zapier in 2022.

Best Zapier Competitors

MAKE - The Zapier Competitor

make-the zapier competitor
Make is considered to be one of the most effective Zapier competitors since it supports both simple and complicated automation operations. Although it has many helpful features, its visual editor and the combination of code components like json and http, etc., provide even more automation options to the users.
Make provides an outstanding and absolutely free plan that helps new users become accustomed to the platform. It could be a great choice if you want to take your automation efforts a step further while maintaining a Zapier-like cost structure. Overall, MAKE could be the best alternatives to Zapier in 2022.  


  • Available with 1000+ apps for integration
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop intelligent visualizer
  • Featured with advanced integration  
  • Perform complex automation flow with ease
  • Design, build and automate 1000 ops/month in Free Version
  • More than thousands of operation available in its PRO service with bundle of features
  • It permits users to perform all kinds of complex operations
  • There are enough options available in its plans
  • Availability of complex workflows
  • Outstanding visual interaction 


  • Limitations on free plans
  • Its advanced and multiple features need more understanding and learning

OUTFUNNEL - One of the Zapier Alternatives

OUTFUNNEL - One of the Zapier Alternatives
Like Zapier, Outfunnel is also an integration platform designed for users. You may build up automated campaigns and have them run automatically depending on data changes in your preferred CRM by having sales and marketing data synced across all of your tools.
Its ease of use is one of the biggest advantages over Zapier. Instead of requiring a number of Zaps with Zapier, it only needs one outfunnel connection to sync contacts and interactions among marketing tools & applications.
Unlike Zapier, which needs you to build a new Zap for each landing page, outfunnel works flawlessly throughout a website while integrating online web forms and CRM connectors.


  • Works efficiently with most of the CRM tools
  • Specially designed for Sales and Marketing applications
  • Store/Exchange users information automatically
  • Do complex operations with ease
  • Initial cost starts at $6/month for 250 events and can only support Lead Ads and Forms
  • Other Premium plans offer support for all kinds of apps, ranging from $19/month to $49/month for 2500 and 15000 events, respectively
  • There is a next plan for enterprises as per customization
  • Outstanding platform for sales and marketing applications
  • Easy to perform complex functions
  • Outstanding visual interaction 


  • Limitations as comparison to zapier
  • No free version available

AUTOMATES.IO - Alternative to Zapier

Automate.io is a modern iPaaS (integration platform as a service) platform and can be the best alternative to Zapier that allows users to perform complex workflows across multiple apps. The best part is that this function is accessible to all plans, including the free one.

The enormous volume of tasks users may process while using Automate.io is a major advantage. For instance, it offers 10,000 tasks for $49/month, which is around 2000 tasks in the case of Zapier at the same cost.

That’s a significant increase, especially if you intend to automate routine tasks in the future, like newsletter or email marketing integrations.


  • Easy to use drag and drop editor
  • Cloud based iPaaS features
  • Free for 300 actions per month
  • Prizing starts from $9/month to $199/month for 600 actions and 1,000,000 actions, respectively
  • Ready-to-use templates available
  • Large number of actions on per plan
  • Complex workflow availability


  • Less number of apps integration features as comparison to Zapier 

COUPLER.IO - Data Integration Solution

Coupler.io is a simple data integration solution that automatically updates data in Google Sheets, Excel files, or Google’s BigQuery from a number of services and platforms. It is a straightforward, user-friendly, and reasonably priced solution for performing automated operations.

Coupler.io may be used for reporting, live dashboard creation, backup, scheduled automation, and data transfer across platforms. Coupler.io has gained popularity among marketers, non-tech experts, and product managers due to its straightforward procedure and no-code deployment.


  • Exchanging data and information with Excel, Google Sheets & BigQuery
  • Easy-to use Interfacing with various applications
  • Perform simple and system friendly automated task 
  • 14 Days Free trial available on every plan – no credit card needed 
  • Basic plan starts with $24/month
  • Advanced plans available from $99/month to $249/month
  • Trial version is available with complete features for unlimited users
  • Perform real-time data operations
  • Multiple number of data sources are available to integrate


  • Free version is useful only for 14 days

WORKATO - An advanced Zapier Competitor

workato- zapier competitors

Workato can be considered as an advanced Zapier Competitor, having developed its application for businesses to execute automation processes(formly known as recipes) across various platforms. It is one of the major players in the automation space and is trusted by well-known companies like coupa, hubspot, zendesk etc. It is an excellent choice for people who can make a good investment in their work.


  • Best for big companies, where automated workflow and processes are in high demand
  • The way of performing operations depends on steps with their conditions
  • Best for creating chatbots known as “workbots”
  • ‘Recipes’ are used to finish automation operations like zap in zapier
  • Workato offers 2 different price tiers: the product plan and the business plan. 
  • Direct quotes are provided from the companies’ end as per the user’s choice.
  • Perform real-time data operations through slack 
  • Provide unlimited connections in its plan


  • No trial version available
  • Expensive for small or medium scale business

IFTTT - Condition based Automation tool

IFTTT - hubspots Operational hub

IFTTT, abbreviated as “If this then that”, basically performs condition-based operations. Here, applets are used to connect apps like zaps in zapier. Appliets are used to manage social networking and smart home apps as well as schedule appointments automatically in Google Calendar.

IFTTT is a completely user-friendly platform with a clear interface and an outstanding UX design. For non-techies, the pre-made applets make things really simple. Users might have to take up the challenge of building on their own for more complicated operations.


  • Easy-to-use, simple applets make the process simple for non-techies
  • Best for personal or business users
  • Conditional statement makes apps perform their operations
  • Free version with a limit of 5 applets is available 
  • Premium plan starts with $5/month
  • Making connections easy through applets 
  • Straight-forward operation 
  • Cheap in cost for small and medium scale business


  • Less connections as comparison to zapier 
  • No visual drag-and-drop editor available 

OPERATIONS HUB - Bidirectional Integration

Zapier Alternatives- hubspots Operational hub

The tendency of syncing data across apps in both directions is one of the unique features of HubSpot’s Operations Hub. The Operational Hubs let users send data from X to Y or Y to X, whereas Zapier transfers data or information from one app to another. This bidirectional syncing ability can assist a working team in maintaining the accuracy and organization of all data. Additionally, Hubspot has a tool that automatically checks the integrity of data and easily links to other hubs.

Although Operations Hub offers excellent functionality, it has a smaller number of connectors than Zapier. Furthermore, their cost varies with the quantity of connections, which may be complicated and expensive.


  • Featured by programmable automation, bidirectional data syncing.
  • Outstanding data curation with powerful data quality tools.
  • Offer 14 Days Free Trial with complete features
  • Basic premium plan starts with $45/month
  • Professional and Enterprise plans range from $720/month to $2000/month, respectively.
  • Bidirectional syncing feature
  • Great connectivity as comparison to zapier
  • Best options for large scale sector


  • Expensive premium plans but best for large business
  • Number of connecting apps is limited

ZOHO FLOW - Best Alternatives to Zapier

zoho flow-the best alternative to zapier

Zoho Flow can be a alternatives to Zapier. It provides users with seamless connectivity across all products in the Zoho platform. Although it doesn’t have the same broad scope as some of the other solutions on the list, it can be the best fit for your needs if you’re searching for a cheap, straightforward answer.

To assist you in getting started, Zoho Flow provides a significant selection of applications in addition to dozens of pre-built processes. For small organizations seeking an interconnected suite of products, Zoho Flow is a good alternative to take into consideration. It has a user-friendly editor and a variety of complex capabilities.


  • Users can design their own process via zoho’s scripting language
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop editor
  • High-end triggers are utilized
  • 15 Days Free Trial available with complete features
  • Premium plans available with Standard and Premium plans
  • 15 Days Free Trial available
  • Easy to integrate features with multiple apps
  • More than 600 apps available to integrate with
  • Affordable in cost


  • Limitations while integration
  • Creating advanced design may be complicated


G:\softenkik\altenative for zapier

Microsoft Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, could be a great alternative for any business that depends on OneDrive, Office 365, OneNote or any other Microsoft-based products and services.

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, a type of enterprise software that uses AI or bots to carry out particular activities, is one of the unique features of Microsoft Power Automate. This platform works well with all of your favourite Microsoft programs, making it especially useful for individuals who currently use the Microsoft suite.


  • Able to finish tasks including digital, robotic, and business process automation
  • The AI builder function enables users to design custom AI solutions
  • Aims to streamline repetitive activities to make workflows easier, similar to Zapier
  • Basic premium plans start at $15/month
  • Advanced Premium plans – $40/month to $100/month
  • Free trial available
  • Provides a complete AI-based automation process


  • Strong proficiency needed to use its interface
  • No drag-and-drop editor available

ELASTIC.IO - A Zapier Competitor

elastic.io - alternatives to zapier

Elastic.io supports almost all kinds of online services that can be connected using a hybrid integration platform (works with cloud based applications). It also supports REST, SOAP, ODATA, and other protocols. Multi-tenancy, white-labeling possibilities, and low-latency connections are its notable characteristics.

It’s an iPaaS platform that includes a few low-code solutions for more complicated connections requiring data splitting, in addition to a visual editor to assist you in creating integrations. Elastic.io is a more sophisticated and technically demanding choice for most organizations.


  • iPaaS platform provides tools for visual integration
  • Can create an outstanding connectivity with apps and cloud based application
  • Best for big organizations and industries
  • Quick troubleshooting and logical data mapping
  • Offers customized plan depending on the services
  • Basic and cheapest plan available at $199/month
  • Complete cloud based integration makes it compatible while connectivity
  • 14 days free trial feature available  
  • Ideal platform for large companies and Enterprise 


  • Strong technical skills needed while integration
  • A little options available for small businesses


No doubt Zapier is a good platform, but at the same time, we cannot ignore the industry’s rapid growing Zapier competitors available in 2022. Some of their features are great in comparison to Zapier. 

Therefore, the ideal plan is out there, regardless of whether you want a vast platform with a wide range of applications and possibilities or a highly specialised plan to integrate only a few apps.

It’s a good fact that many of these alternatives offer free trials, allowing you to explore the integration platform that works best for your business at an affordable rate.

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